Why us?

Whether it’s in the home or the office, there are always things you don’t have the time, the talent or the tools to do yourself. And because of the difficulty in finding decent people to complete the task in a professional and prompt manner, you often just stick it on the long finger.

We partner with professionals with a wide and diverse set of skills. We then select the best ones for you based on how close they are to you and how well they can get the job done for you. Forget the long finger – this is DabHand.

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How are our bookings priced?

We charge a competitive hourly price up-front that is fair to our customers and our service providers. No quotes needed. No over charging. Select a service and a time that you think it will take and make your booking. If your job requires additional time or parts it can be agreed between you and our DabHand and added to your job later.

How do I know how much time I need? Simply select the time that you think DabHand will need to take care of your job. If you underestimated the time, not too worry, you can add additional cost to the job, and DabHand can accept it and complete it.

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How to Pay?

No hidden charges, no cash worries and no chance of no-shows – that’s the difference with DabHand. You pay upfront from the safety of our secure online facility and then simply sit back safe in the knowledge you’ve organised everything in seconds.No booking deposit required.

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